Welcome to Rhubarb and Elliott


Hello Friends!

Rhubarb and Elliott has been feeding communities throughout New Mexico since we first started cooking delicious lunches and delivering them to local schools and community centers. We began our adventure eight years ago, when  a Manzano mom (Rhubarb) started R&E in the school kitchen. Back then, it was just Rhubarb, her mother, and an ambition to bring local, creative food to the community. Today, though we serve over 2,000 students, R&E remains committed to our core principles and to the communities we serve. We believe by providing healthy  and expansive food, we help everyone. We help students focus, teachers engage and give parents  one less thing to worry about.

   We are eager to provide our thoughtful, made-from-scratch food to students, faculty and staff. We also provide other offerings throughout the year, such as to go lunches and catering both at the JCC and for offices, and we run a cafe located in the JCC. It serves soup, sandwiches, salads, and snacks.

   To find out what we’re cooking and where to get it like us on Facebook at: facebook.com/rhubarbandelliott

   Here’s to a good school year! Good luck to all our families, faculty and staff.

   Rhubarb and Elliott